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Bunker Gear Clean
Bunker Gear Clean washes each garment in an intense wet-wash process without degrading the protective properties of your gear.  This deep-clean procedure, which utilizes the Check6 Aerospace cleaning agent, is NFPA 1851 compliant. Bunker Gear Clean uses state of the art industrial-size washer/extractors to guarantee custom stain removal.  Our extractors do so with electrically operated valves, a fresh-water-flushing chemical manifold and a six liquid chemical injection point to ensure our clients that products receive the best wash quality.

Bunker Gear Repair

Bunker Gear Clean strives to provide you with a product equal to if not better than the original.  Our professional and certified staff is fully trained to alter and repair:

 Velcro enclosures
 Moisture barriers
 Custom pockets
 Custom alterations
 Reflective trim and lettering
 Burn holes, rips and tears
 Hardware buttons, snaps zippers, hooks
 Knee and shoulder pad reinforcements

Bunker Gear Inspection
Bunker Gear Clean performs routine inspections as well as advanced inspections. Our fully-trained staff checks for:
 Soiling and contamination
 Physical damage or missing trim
 Seam, material and label integrity
 Leakages and moisture barrier integrity

Bunker Gear Tracking
Bunker Gear Clean uses an advanced online software that tracks and records the inspection, cleaning and repairs of your bunker gear. This allows you to work in accordance with NFPA standards by alerting you when cleaning, maintenance, or replacement is needed.

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